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Piano movers

Our dedicated team are experts in moving and relocating pianos of every type for musicians in Dagenham and throughout Greater London.

Piano Removals: Welcome

We understand how much your piano means to you!

Pianos are a valuable possession that can carry a great deal of emotional as well as monetary value. They can also be a challenge to move! They are not only extremely heavy, but prone to scuffs and scratches. We are highly experienced in moving pianos, treating each relocation with the utmost care, forward planning and attention to detail.

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Care, consideration and planning are key

piano about to be moved

We have years of experience in moving pianos

Moving a piano isn't a job that should just be performed by anybody! It requires expertise and know-how. That's why at LD Move Ltd we have become specialists over the years.

piano being moved on wheels

Each removal is carried out with care

Pianos are meticulously tuned and as such can't afford to be banged about carelessly! When we're uprighting and moving your piano, we do so with due respect and care for this specialist instrument.

grand piano on laminate floor

We move pianos of all types and sizes

Grand pianos

Concert pianos

Electric pianos

Baby grand pianos

Upright pianos

Piano Removals: Services
Piano Keys

We take pride in our piano removals service:

  • A service that is customised to you and your needs

  • We work with businesses, tenants and homeowners alike

  • We provide piano storage as well as removals

  • Each move is planned and coordinated with care

  • Our team is friendly, respectful and professional

Piano Removals: About

Need expert piano movers? We provide a nationwide service.

Phone: 07466 966276

upright piano
Piano Removals: Contact
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